On The Support of Friends Writing and Art….

I am always astounded at the great inspirational writing and artwork on wordpress I have had the pleasure of experiencing! It never quite seems to be enough to simply click on that I love so much of the writing, poetry, photography, and art of so many talented writers and artists! My friend Emily Sturgill of sexinthekitchensink has set-up my home page and helped me navigate learning how to use this amazing site… thank you Emily for your great amount of patience and understanding. Emily has mentioned my main interest in book reviewing, where my profile page is located where I began as an indie reviewer on Amazon. I have yet to figure out how I’ll post reviews here.
Another friend of mine delivered a manuscript of a book she has written on March 17th, I was astonished she drove across town to bring me the extra copy of her manuscript, or brought the manuscript in the first place! I never considered the readers who would actually read and like my work. I have a stack of books to read now, 3 reviews due from the Goodread book giveaway’s. I am currently working on: “The Science of Shakespeare” by Dan Falk. (I would have never chosen this book on my own..) This is an excellent book on the subject of math, science, astronomy, mainly from ancient to medieval times, how the world of astrology, magic, witchcraft, superstition affected Shakespeare’s work.
If any follower’s of either my site or Emily Sturgill’s blog have any books of poetry, fiction, or non-fiction please let me know, I’ll be glad to take a look too see if I can write a comprehensive review for your book.. I have posted about 82 book reviews on Amazon to date.
Happy reading and blogging,

Welcome to my Reading Room

Background image or Banner image For Michel

Hi and Welcome to my new blog.
This is my little corner of cyberspace, Reading Room.
I love to read and there is much to share
with you-if you want to come along and see.
Here I will share my thoughts, views and
summaries for you.
Not only am I a book lover,
a book collector
but I am also a book Reviewer as well.

I am always interested in
learning new things,
meeting new people, and
reading more books.
I am new to WordPress.com
but please
feel free to visit my site
anytime you please.

More book art for Michel

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